August Updates

Hard to believe that “back to school” is around the corner! Students are sitting for their senior photos and schedules will be out before we know it. A couple of quick updates.

EHS PTA is going to partner with Jump Start Tutoring again in the fall.  We hope to have dates out to parents sometime in August, ideally during the week of August 15th.  Last year was the first year of this partnership and some kids missed out due to the somewhat rushed timeline.  Students in 11th grade will be able to participate in this program to prepare for either the SAT or ACT.  Students will take a full practice of each exam and JST will give each participant an analysis, conference and recommendation for which test to prep for, in addition to two free test prep sessions, one that is covered by JST and one that is covered by the EHS PTA. More info will follow on this on or around the week of August 15th. Please check our website periodically.   

8/16 EDITED: SAVE the dates– Saturday 9/17 and Saturday 9/24 for practice SAT + ACT tests. Families will register via a Google Form.

Fashion Show planning is underway and volunteers are needed.  If you wish to help out please let us know so we can get you in contact with the chairpersons.  We wanted to thank Renee DiBenedetto, Michelle Pisa and Kathryn Quigley for stepping up to organize this event.  They have already met with dozens of volunteers and welcome anyone that wishes to help out.  Still needed are people who wish to solicit donations from local businesses. This is something that can be done via email or by going out to the businesses in the community. More info on the Fashion Show will be posted on the website this summer.   

School begins on September 6th. Please follow the link below for district calendars.