Please Join Eastchester Special Education PTA (SEPTA)

EASTCHESTER SPECIAL EDUCATION PTA (SEPTA)  Click to Join Eastchester SEPTA¬† SEPTA is an organization of interested parents, most with children receiving special services through the district, as well as special education faculty/administration who join together to help all our children reach their fullest potential.  Special services range from resource room, classroom aides, occupational/speech therapy, special education classes in district… Read More Please Join Eastchester Special Education PTA (SEPTA)

Volunteers Needed

Please consider lending the EHS Fashion Show Committee your time and talents. There are still opportunities left for parents who wish to support us. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Parents to help solicit donations for class baskets. Make calls/send emails. Parents who are artistic or creative to help prepare and wrap gift baskets in the days leading up… Read More Volunteers Needed