June 6th Meeting: Community Service

Please join us on June 6th for the final meeting of the school year. We will meet at 7:30 in the EHS Cafeteria. We will have a 30 min presentation on the topic of community service followed by a Q+A with EHS students who are currently working on community service projects.

Community Service – Doing Well By Doing Good

This Zoom presentation is focused on helping parents and students understand the importance of service projects and how it can make an impact in the community, on admissions officers and how students can grow from their experiences by giving back.

We’ll review examples of meaningful and significant community service projects created by students that have incorporated their interests and passions in a way to help others, develop leadership skills and gain confidence.

We’ll also explain how this type of commitment and experience to helping others is weighted heavily by admissions officers in the college admissions review process. Admissions officers place great emphasis on a student’s character and we’ll discuss how service projects become an important vehicle for showcasing a student’s values.

The presentation will be led by Ron Feuchs and Jackie Tepper, partners at Stand Out For College, LLC. www.standoutforcollege.com