3/23 Meeting is IN PERSON: Mini-Courses are BACK

We are thrilled to announce the plan for our next meeting, which will be held next week.  It’s in-person and we will have raffles, snacks and merchandise for sale. 

It’s also a great opportunity to learn about the EHS Fashion Show. It is our single fundraiser each year and covers ALL of the expenses for the entire school year. We’d love to match you up with a committee that would suit your skill level and time commitment.  More info to follow. 


Who?  7th – 12th Grade Parents

When?  Wednesday, March 23, 2022 @ 7:30 PM

Where?  High School Cafeteria

Come experience what your child does EVERY DAY!

Take a class with one of our OUTSTANDING TEACHERS or COUNSELORS!

As a Middle School parent, learn about some of the classes we offer!

Since it’s been a few years since we, as parents, were in high school, a number of teachers will be offering mini-courses so we can get a real feeling for what our children do every day. Your child’s experience is far different from when we were in school!

Science (Michele Caton)- Gas Laws 

Why does my car’s “low tire pressure” sensor light up during the winter?  Why do aerosol cans have such dire warnings about explosions due to heat?  In this lesson, we’ll explore the very strange world of gases to help make sense of the phenomena we see every day.  We’ll conduct a few demonstrations and use our observations to predict how temperature, pressure, and volume influence the behavior of gases.  Then we’ll construct a formula that uses math to describe the relationship between these properties.  By the end of the lesson, you’ll have a better understanding of gases in daily life and be able to say, ” I know why that happens!”

Computer Science/Math (Erin Glindmyer)- Learning the Basics of Computer Coding

Computer Programming has become a major focus for EHS over the last few years as we build a Computer Science Program.  Come and see how our students are learning the foundational skills in coding, which will then be used in advanced courses now offered at Eastchester High School. 

Counseling Office- (Brianne Brauer and Emily Cozzi)- Naviance

How do you know what career might interest your child?  What type of grades will they need to get into a particular college?  When should we even start thinking about planning for college?  Come to this session and learn about an amazing tool for students as they begin navigating the self-exploration and college planning process as early as grades 9 and 10.

You will have the opportunity to attend two 30 minute sessions throughout the evening.