October News

Membership emails go out periodically in the first weeks of school.  We are trying to minimize the blasts and condense topics in one email rather than sending numerous blasts. Our membership is still rather low (about 25%) so please bear with us as we keep sending those reminder emails. The best way to check that your membership went through is to check your email from Paypal, which gives you a receipt or check the MembershipToolkit app to see if you have Directory Access. Once you’re a member, it grants you access to the school directory.  We can verify for you at any time as well.  (Visit www.ehspta.membershiptoolkit.com to purchase your membership.)

The Fashion Show Committee is extending their date from 10/13 to 10/17 because they are SO close to meeting goals in all grade levels. With the help of about 10 more families making a $20 donation, they can achieve that goal. We’d love to see them reach it by 10/17. The easiest way to support is to Venmo your donation to @WEAREEHS2022 this week.  Thanks to all who have supported thus far.  We now have 164 seniors participating in the WE ARE Eastchester Fashion Show on 10/11.  

Our next meeting will take place at EHS on 10/21. Zoom link will be sent out at 8 am on 10/21 for those who wish to attend virtually. We will hear from EHS Guidance Department. Teachers, expect the PTA mini-grant forms to come your way sometime next week. 

Thank you,